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UNSW is where leading minds, passionate scholars and creative individuals converge. Our students come to us from all walks of life. From passionate artists whose original works count as much as their ATAR to mature-age students taking the plunge, there are many alternative entry options to secure your enrolment at UNSW.

For Domestic Students


Faculty Entry Schemes


At UNSW, your passion for your desired area of study and natural abilities can count as much as your academic results. Many of our faculties offer entry schemes that consider more than just your final marks.

At UNSW Art & Design, we’re looking for creative talent. How you demonstrate this is up to you. Some students write brilliantly and some demonstrate their creative potential by producing promising art, design and media work.

You can gain admission solely on your ATAR score or by demonstrating your creative potential by preparing and submitting a portfolio of art, design, media or written work. If your ATAR is lower than the entry score to our programs, but you possess a strong art, design or digital media portfolio, we’d love to see it.

UNSW Built Environment recognises your creative potential. With the Built Environment Portfolio Entry Admission Pathway, you can submit a portfolio of your best creative work to showcase your talent and boost your chance of admission to an undergraduate design degree.

Demonstrate your ability and interest in studying your chosen degree through your portfolio. The portfolio should describe your creative process and provide evidence of your creative skills and imagination.

Your passion for the field of Engineering and strong desire to become an Engineer is why we offer the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS). This is an alternative pathway for students who want to study with us but don’t meet the Guaranteed Entry Rank (GE). You may be eligible for FEAS if you’re expecting an ATAR of up to 10 points lower than the Guaranteed Entry Rank.

We evaluate your ability in mathematics, physics and other sciences, design and problem-solving. We’ll also ask you to submit a video and personal statement which tells us about your motivation and passion to study Engineering.

The Bachelor of Information Systems Admissions Scheme (BISAS) at UNSW offers an alternative pathway for domestic students into the Bachelor of Information Systems program.

If your ATAR is below the guaranteed entry, but above 80.00 you may be eligible for BISAS. This scheme considers other factors which demonstrate your ability to succeed in the Bachelor of Information Systems. These factors include your ability in mathematics, English and information technology-related subjects and problem-solving skills. Your attitude and motivation in studying information systems will also be considered.

The Rural Clinical School has five major teaching campuses spread across New South Wales, in Albury, Coffs Harbour, Griffith, Port Macquarie and Wagga Wagga. There are sub-campuses in Grafton and Kempsey. Through the UNSW Medicine Pathway Program, you’ll complete the first phase of your Medicine studies (Year 1 and 2) on a rural campus. You may then go on to complete Phase 2 or 3 in our Sydney based campus or hospitals.